the complainer "BE MY BONEY M OF LOVE"

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track 1. "BE MY BONEY M OF LOVE" album version [taken from "sponsored by * retro*sex*galaxy * " CD]
track 2. "BE MY BONEY M OF LOVE" remix by 8rolek
track 3. "BE MY BONEY M OF LOVE" remix by DEUCE
track 4. "BE MY BONEY M OF LOVE" almost a capella version


be my rasputin
be my daddy cool
be my boney m of love

take your time
wash my hands
in the rivers of babylon

babylon is the place
not even calm
not far away

be my boney m of love

(of course everything repeated several times with subtle various interpretations)


special thanks to BONEY M!

track 4 note - this is not a contest - but if you like you can make your own remix using this piece. the best examples we will put here for the better knowledge and more love.
be our daddy cool.
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there is no deadline.
track 4 uwaga - to nie jest konkurs - ale jesli chcesz to mozesz zrobic swój wlasny remiks tego kawalka. najlepsze przyklady zamiescimy tutaj, zeby bylo generalnie fajniej.
badz naszym dadikulem.
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