DEUCE - i don't wanna be a madman

ASI MINA - i don't wanna be a madgirl

i don't wanna be a madman,
but living here
i have to!

i don't wanna be a sadman
but it's very difficult.

almost impossible
almost impossible
so, please don't believe anyone
who say it's up to you
and what you've done

not in this country, not in this area
you'll never find anything similar

to our poland-mother!
to our poland-father!

not in mik.musik.!., not in its area...

male dylan version by piotrek
female demarczyk version by
pictures by marcin zarzeka sie
chords: G and C fast or slowly
glupio albo glupio
smiej sie frajerze w polonerze
Copy Rides Me Hard! mik.2005.!.