01 intro LIVE 01:24
02 photonew LIVE 03:59
03 quotadelia LIVE 05:27
04 please don't trash me LIVE 03:34
05 dirtyflangamba LIVE 01:30
06 h17 (age 17/age 37) LIVE 03:19
07 dura dura planet LIVE 03:57
08 dabdab LIVE 03:31
09 sxdw LIVE 03:27
10 battleofsortoffs LIVE 03:07
11 hi-fiascoplus LIVE 12:44 (feat. CO)
12 boney rivers LIVE 01:33 (feat. CO)
13 end - bordeaux LIVE 00:30 (feat. CO)
14 end - nantes LIVE 00:29
15 end - rennes LIVE 00:58
16 end - lyon LIVE 01:41 (feat. CO)
17 end - end LIVE 00:13 (feat. CO)

whole album in zip file

eh, one of these live recordings making you wonder - aaawhere is the audience?! five guys only there?
no, not really was like that. even minus audible bravo, these show/s were hot, shot and pumpy. you don't need to believe. you can wait for better times.
first 12 tracks recorded in rhiz in vienna by rhiz crew, on
14.11.05. tracks 13-17 were recorded in france by ben
guillou, during the spring tour organized by le flux and
6x7, same year. look for detailed data on our main
webpage. and only these french tracks were edited
slightly, because i chose short moments of shows only,
grande finales in majority, because i found them the most
significant, or simply the most funny. don't ask me for more reasons. and i say thank you - to all mentioned above, to all whom i sampled and quoted (this time especially duran duran and heaven 17, cause they are fresh in the TC story), to the audiences for being there (till the end). and thanks goes to CO for his brave-plus-bravo featurings as well, sure. oui, yes, ja, tak. merci, thanks, danke, dziÍki. "may you live to see the dawn" like monsieur prince said once. why not? although dusks are also interesting. sometimes.

[this is another mik.musik.!. free download] cat.numb #43/2006