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Ksawery Kaliski

Ksawery Kaliski is young multimedia artist. Since succesfull appearance with mik.musik.!.artists on clubtransmediale03 he became mik.musik.VJ, preparing himself or in cooperation with wojt3k special video backgrounds for particular mik.artists' shows. Started to prepare video clips and other visual work for the label. In his private actions he works in real time or preprepares live video actions, makes graphic installations, exhibitions, doing commercial and not commercial designs of various sort. Since 2002 is working on Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Started to work there right after getting his diploma graduation. Ksawery is very flexible in his work possibilities.

discography as we know it:

Retro Sex Galaxy & Ksawery Kaliski - mistakes in geography/błędy w geografii (2002)

mik.videos made with wojt3k kucharczyk:

8rolek - dziewiata gratis - track3
bolly&netto ft. retro_sex_galaxy - wienerschnitzel in new delhi
deuce - please just not in the kitchen
mołr drammaz - the magenta champagne