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polish dulcimer (of course), ukrainian dulcimer (why not), tscheng (cause wortwhile), citras (lot of strings to exchange), sitar (sounds everyone knows how, right?), acoustic guitars - 12 strings and others (lot of such kind), drumbass (not to be mistaken with drum'n'bass), clarinet (such melody could be necessary), flutes (such as well), accordion (for your better image), polish ceramic drums (a, ya), polish firemens' drum (with dog membarane! ancient one, so no cruel one), drums from the molr land (yes, yes), gongs (different hit in the middle, different hit on the edge), steel-sheets from gdansk dockyard (martyrology ones?) and other variametal elements (T+L+H+O+W+I+M+N and u.v.a), indian bells (blingx blingx), sanza (bdank bdank), angklung (wooden tsunami), zoom sound processor (for electronic closures), kazoo (buzzing), other small tools and instruments, not plain-musical too.
Piotr Kolecki. Marek Leszczyński, Michał Nowak, Wojt3k Kucharczyk, and usually some guests.
Concert one yearly, so this is always event of holy day kind.

discography as we know it:

pathman - ...poza... (2002)