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Molr Drammaz are polish newsoundpioneers Wojt3k Kucharczyk and Asia Bronislawska (since beginning) and Macio Moretti (since 2001). One of the most active groups in the polish underground/experimental/electronic scene, working in various configurations since 1995 (with longer history under various nicknames since their childhood). They publish on their own mik.musik.!. label and from time to time on anothers. Everything is pseudo here, everything is aliased, everything's nicknamed. vrything means e. erything means v. everyting means h. and so on. soul on. this definition is fake, even if it is truth in a fact.

discography as we know it:

MOR DRAMMAZ - Semperflorens (2012)
MOR DRAMMAZ & DEUCE & Laszlo Band - Amateurs, Professionals and No Refrains (2010)
MOR DRAMMAZ -!. (retake) (2006)
MOR DRAMMAZ - BOAZERIA (reissue) (2006)
MOR DRAMMAZ - ''tu!'' (reminder) (2006)
MOR DRAMMAZ - very vs very (2004)
MOR DRAMMAZ - boazeria (2001)
MOR DRAMMAZ & neurobot - l.i.v.e.v.i.l (2001)
MOR DRAMMAZ - ''tu!'' {silesian familijo pldrofono} (2001)
MOR DRAMMAZ - Norma's food / jedzenie Normy (2000)
MOR DRAMMAZ - grai'n'test.hits (2000)
MOR DRAMMAZ - presents:!. (2000)
MOR DRAMMAZ - skrzana maska (1999)
MOR DRAMMAZ - tehha tehha ert 2.0 (1999)

Molr Drammaz: Strange Gorzów Story (MC, Nefryt 1998) Molr Drammaz: w kocu! (CD, blauhoffer multiple art 2000) samplers/compilations: -don't worry about coverband - tribute to talking heads (with robotala, zimbra/netherlands 2000) -progress - from triest tp vladivostok (rx:tx/slovenia, for clubtransmediale03 festival, berlin, 2003) -from gdansk till dawn, contemporary experimental music from eastern europe (leonardo music journal cd, mitpress, usa, 2003) -blues... is number one (gusstaff records, PL, 2006) additional as go underground to see more animals (molr drammaz + randall beaver) "go underground to see more animals" (cdr, mik.musik in europe, the beavertimes in usa and brazil, 2001) mp3: molr drammaz - klapy molr drammaz - toast panko's two kisses burn free for mor drammaz - the magenta champagne (by wojt3k kucharczyk & ksawery kaliski