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Revolution is here.
The Complainer & The Complainers (call them simply TCS&TCS)

First there was The Complainer (TC). After a rave reception of his album “& The Complainers” he decided to put together a band for stage presentations. So the title of the album became a name for an actual band. They played the first show on 07-07-07 and that fact itself was a taste of special things to come. The project quickly started to live with it’s own life and since then the four-headed musical monster rallied around Europe.

Everything – from intimate ballads, through beautiful pop hits, to stadium sing-a-longs is played on the variety of smaller and bigger instruments that the musicians share and exchange on the stage. The concert, or better to say, the SHOW of TC&TCS leaves the public a bit stunned and always with a big smile on their faces.

TC&TCS are a completely new formula for more or less used musical terms like: art-dance, disco-punk, new-wave, twee-pop, salsa-rave, folk-bossa or good ol’ rock'n'roll whom they shaved it’s long, white beard.

TC & TCS are:

Wojtek Kucharczyk (vocals, electric guitar, drums, other)
A real legend of underground music scene in Poland and better part of Europe. Mainly known for his work with Molr Drammaz, solo project retro*sex*galaxy and collaborations with Felix Kubin. Founder of the notorious Mik.Musik.! label. Currently focusing on the bright future with TCS.

Asia Bronisławska (vocals, electroacoustic guitar, percussion, other)
Also known as Asi Mina - uncrowned princess of everyday pop, delicate and powerful at the same time. When on stage with a band, solo or a children choir, one word can be always adjusted with the performance: “magic”. Her other focus is raising a new breed of young all-around musical talents as a devoted teacher.

Pawel Trzciński (synthesiser, vocals, percussion, electronics, other)
Using the delicate techniques of persuasion he can make any given person sing and dance. Used to be a solo producer and performer, now cannot imagine life without a band, because it’s always more explosive this way.

Marcin Zarzeka (pictures)
Definitely not a VJ. An artist giving a new meaning to “visuals” and artwork to accompany music in all. He sometimes goes fishing. He’s also into fashion, that matters. Always in the background and up front at the same time.

Jakub Adamec (the newcomer on bass)
Our Czech Connection. Mutiskilled omnitalented tall boy with blond hair.

TC&TCS performed on such festivals as Off Festival in Myslovice, Unsound in Cracow, Eurocultured in Manchester, Pulse Festival in London, Skif Festival in St. Petersburg, New New Festival in Brno. Besides the band played many concerts all around Poland and abroad in cities such as Berlin, Minsk, Bratislava or Moscow.
TC&TCS are also known for doing special art projects such as exhibitions or installations thus giving a new meaning to the “art-rock band” term. Such appearances include: 5th Berlin Biennale/Magazin/Future Perfect, Museum of Unnatural History/Kronika Bytom, Unpredictable Encounters/CTM08 Berlin, Something Must Break/Off Festival 08 and more… To Be Continued

Since release of "POWER JOY HAPPINESS FAME!" album, for concert/show increased needs & forces TC&TCS are joined on stage by O'SKUAd String Quartet, lead by Piotr Steczek of Aukso and Esus fame!
Some other guests appear as well (Artur Rojek, Asia Ficek, Kajetan Luteracki and more...)


discography as we know it:


please check also discography of THE COMPLAINER solo, clear.