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Wojciech Kucharczyk

Wojciech Kucharczyk, 1969 born, in Katowice.

Usually known as the hyperactive musician and founder/boss of the microsize, but macroactive, MIK MUSIK label, with quite a story behind.

He plays solo as Kucharczyk since the beginning of 2013. The most successfull project - The Complainer was quit at the end of 2012. In search for new perspectives. 

Sometimes plays as retro*sex*galaxy, takes/took part in other bands/projects,: Mołr Drammaz, hwdjazz, TerriTerrorTorium (with Felix Kubin), Pathman, Iron Noir, Dwutysięczny and many others. Works also as a producer for other artists.

Graduated as the visual artist and graphic designer, very quickly turned into an active musician and sound sculptor himself, because music was his biggest love, since early childhood. Although making art-shows and exhibitions as well, from time to time.

Recorded many records (more than 50 or so), played many plays, shown many shows. Quiet or loud. Lives in tiny Skoczów town in southern outskirts of Silesia, Poland, so some actions are not so fast (or so slow) as they could be if he was from another part of the world. But such speed is still quite OK for him. Gets some additional balance during many travels.

Wojciech is answering the question - „is it possible to make music as dense as the nature itself is?".

Drummer, singer, keyboardist, electronicist, computerer, acoustician, blaster, producer, it means multiinstrumentalist too.

For the first time appeared on the color magazine’s cover in march 2002. Even got some „Life Achievements“ awards here and there.

He sees future as difficult, adventurous, but quite bright space.

Believes in good friends. They exist.

Wojciech doesn’t like to write normal cvs.

And sends you many best greetings.


full discography available.

please check:

the most important shows/concerts/MIK MUSIK showcases etc:

Audio-Art /Kraków**, Ars Cameralis/Katowice*****, EXPO2000/Hannover, ReadMe /Moscow, Nuit Blanche/Paris, ClubTransmediale/Berlin**, SUBTROPICS/Miami**, Sonar/Barcelona, Garage/Stralsund**, Unsound/Kraków*****, WienModernWiedeń, Next Festival/Bratysława, I.D.E.A.L./Nantes, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days (udział w John Zorn's Cobra project), Era Nowe Horyzonty/Akcja Równoległa/Cieszyn, TransArt, Merano/Bolzano, Progress ex/Ljubljana, Sperm Fest/Praga, KONTRACOM/Salzburg, WRO/Wrocław, NowaMuzyka/Cieszyn/Katowice**, OFF Festival/Mysłowice/Katowice****, Unsound on tour/Mińsk, NewNew/Brno, Transvizualia/Gdynia, SKIF/St Petersburg, Pulse/Manchester/London, 5BerlinBiennale/Berlin, Festiwal Dialogu Czterech Kultur/Łódź, C.Sides/Tel Aviv, Don't Panic/Warszawa, Ultrahang/Budapest, Open’er/Gdynia, SoundExchange/Budapest, Phono/Odense…

places visited with concerts: New York, Atlanta, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Mexico City, Aarhus, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Brussels, Lyon, Nuernberg, Graz, Stuttgart, Rennes, Bordeaux, Weimar, Wolfsburg, Nijmegen, Potsdam, Haga... and many more.


(* indicates more than one and how many times)

discography as we know it:

Wojciech Kucharczyk - BRAK (2016)
Wojciech Kucharczyk - DEMON TECHNO W OKULARACH (2014)
Wojciech Kucharczyk - CHEST EP (2013)
Wojciech Kucharczyk - subkontoEP1 (2013)
Wojciech Kucharczyk - THE TEMPLE (2013)
Wojciech Kucharczyk - BANK ACCOUNT (2013)
Wojciech Kucharczyk - birds were beyond my control - miami complete recordings vol. one (2003)
Wojciech Kucharczyk - making love with cd-r./.kochając się z sidiromem (2001)
Wojciech Kucharczyk - (2001)

watch also Wojciech's projects: mołr drammaz, retro*sex*galaxy, pathman, the complainer, HWDJazz, Iron Noir and others... 

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