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Piotr Połoz aka Tsar Poloz - musician, composer, performer, autodidact.

Involved in many bands, music, multimedia, stage projects (NEOGOTIK, COBULA, Festiwal Kultury Baluckiej, HWDJazz, THE BIO PROJECT). He debuted as DEUCE in 2001. Since 2001 till today he plays bass in Psychocukier. His solo project took the new name Tsar Poloz in 2009.

Important dates:

1981 - start

1992 - first attempts at making music in Scream Tracker software

2001 - debut album "not in the kitchen" (mik.musik.!.)

2004 - "we can make it faster and better than DEUCE" (mik.musik.!.)

2007 - "Małpy Morskie" - debut album of Psychocukier guitarband

2009 - TSAR POLOZ "Zizi TOP - tribute to DEUCE" (the time when I

stopped to be DEUCE)


2012 - TSAR POLOZ: George Over EP (raban rec)

2012 - TSAR POLOZ: Ass Adventure EP (raban rec)

2011 - PSYCHOCUKIER: Królestwo (Antena Krzyku)

2010 - TSAR POLOZ: Redhead Bastard EP (raban rec)

2009 - TSAR POLOZ: Zizi TOP - tribute to DEUCE" (self release)

2008 - PSYCHOCUKIER: No More Work! (Love Industry)

2007 - PSYCHOCUKIER: Małpy Morskie (Love Industry)

2004 - DEUCE: we can make it faster and better than DEUCE (mik.musik.!.)

2001 - DEUCE: not in the kitchen (mik.musik.!.)

and many, many compilations, remixes etc.



old bio-info: 

DEUCE is the young polish artist, Piotrek Połoz. Born in 1981, lives in Lodz, Poland. His debut on Mik.Musik 'Not in the Kitchen' " a powerfull and danceable mixture of virtuoso breaks, fat beats, noisy melodies and a spicefull addition of tasty samples and vocals. It is openminded and suggestive music with reminiscences from high fidelity cyber breakbeats to african balafon-like rhythms, from hawaiian guitar playing to dolphin scratches, from Chris Issak to ultranoisy punk-rock..." (quoted from original New awesome cd on mik.!. "we can make it better and faster than DEUCE!" came out in february 2004. Brings new matured mix of pop and anti-pop, sweetness and controversy. Apart from his electronic solo-project DEUCE also plays bassguitar as a member of an indie-noise rock band called Psychocukier.

discography as we know it:

DEUCE - MY NAME WAS DEUCE. 1998-2009 (2013)
DEUCE - Onseisao (SP) (2012)
DEUCE - Lullaby (SP) (2012)
MOŁR DRAMMAZ & DEUCE & Laszlo Band - Amateurs, Professionals and No Refrains (2010)
DEUCE - TSAR POLOZ - ZiZiTop Tribute to Deuce (2009)
ASI MINA & DEUCE - Special holiday's project! JOANNA & PIOTR superfreeSP (2005)
DEUCE - we can make it faster and better than DEUCE! (2004)
DEUCE - Not in The Kitchen (2001)

compilations: Progress - From Trieste to Vladivostok (participants of Club Transmediale 2003/Rx:Tx, Slovenia) notnotnotes (fnkbz, 2004) european meridians (line_in:line_out/orf/edition zeitton, AT 2004) notizbuch cd (notes/bec zmiana, PL, 2006) mp3: from "we can make it faster and better than DEUCE!" CD deuce - what i hate most is hiphop deuce - i am the tiger of asia ! from "Not in the kitchen" CDr deuce - I have never seen before ! deuce - what i like most is hiphop (video (fan's work) by pussykrew) deuce - please just not in the kitchen (by wojt3k kucharczyk & ksawery kaliski)