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urkuma is stefano de santis, born in the south-east of italy in beautiful salento-finisterrae region. starting from writing for theatre (the name of urkuma's site "" is the title of a surrealistic plot about the problem of refugees), he developed a personal way to express his theatrical texts in sound. the word "urkuma" is an idiomatic expression of his salento-region: urkuma is the opposite of buddhist-nirvana's concept and it-he-she is entropic-anarchic-heterogeneous. from mik.musik.!. = "de santis could be for electronica like fellini is for cinematography"

discography as we know it:

urkuma & the urkumas - chapter zero (2012)
urkuma - misophonia (2003)

mp3: urkuma - tzutzuvios urkuma - mavro thanato for various special things made by urkuma, available in mp3, look for thru his webpage


playing live urkuma usually uses own: laptop, small electronic devices, clarinette, effects, vocal. additionally needs - basic technical rider: access to PA/main-mixing desk of the venue with stereosignal/two mono big-jacks etc, monitor-loudspeakers working in stereo on stage, vocal microphone with boom-stand, table, one blue or white spot-light, for bigger events additionally video-projector and vhs-player.