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ASI MINA - wszystko mam! tylko gdzie? / have all! but where? (2006)

This album is my diary. And because I sing my thoughts, it should actually be called songiary. This kind of communication has got greater power for me than words alone. Sounds have many layers, which give the lyrics more meaning and make them even more emotionally charged. Especially, when some of the sounds are created by other people. It's like an additional interpretation and sense of distance. Here, this role is taken by my brother Wojt3k Kucharczyk. He is a producer, musician and publisher, but first of all, he is my brother and the motivation for my work from the very beginning.
This album is a kind of documentary and I am not trying to make it beautiful, my aim is to make it honest.
I have been collecting material for this album for the last 2 years, although, for example, the first draft of the song ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’, was created as early as July 2002, two days before giving birth to my son Kajetan. Further experiences of motherhood made the song evolve and showed me that it is not yet the end of my creativity. That everything is yet to come. Because ordinary, everyday life is actually absolutely extraordinary.
Some of the songs were created in autumn 2003, before the Wien Modern Festival. For example, the lyrics to ‘b-less’, were created by using magnetic poetry – the word-magnets to stick onto the fridge – and its final version with lyrics and music was completed in Vienna - just before the concert, in the hotel room, under the shower, when the milk was dripping from my breast. Also there, for the first time, I performed this song on stage, together with Wojt3k and Macio Moretti. This was my first longer trip after giving birth to my son without this little suckling.
Before becoming a mother, my inspirations came from travelling, meeting new people, searching and from movement. The activities of Molr Drammaz were very in line with such adventures. Now, my inspiration comes from my home: the kitchen, where I cook rice, because its quick, healthy and good. The bathroom, where I spread anti-aging creams all over my body to trick time. Kajetan's bedroom - place of colours, squeaks, building blocks, paints, masks, never ending fun, teaching, trying to get him into sleep, cleaning. And the living room, which is my workshop with the piano, guitars, computers, and which at the same time is my and Jacek's bedroom, dining room and place where we watch, learn, listen, think, talk and meet. There is also a small storage room. With a vacuum cleaner, which also works as quite a good drone. But don't try to put anything else inside that storage! There is only enough space left for little dust.

Such is my world at the moment. Of course, I often get out of the house! For a change, for a contrast. That’s why the songs are recorded in various places. ‘Koda’ comes from a forest in Skoczów. Wojt3k plays on a fallen tree trunk and I flounder around ankle deep in mud and shout that shame is a great sham. Flies, birds, dogs and cars do the rest.
‘Dressing/Opatrunek’ is sung with my head stuck into a cupboard, because the song would only work recorded that way - very little room and lots of hums – though the song is about space and safety and about flying by plane.
‘LOLOLO’ – my mantra or affirmation, was recorded during a summer night to the accompaniment of cicadas. The lyrics, with help of my friends, have been translated into many languages, because I already know some people who may benefit from repeating over and over again that they cannot have a cake and eat it too (or as the saying goes in Polish: do ten things at the same time). Well, I still need to keep telling this myself too.
There are also some songs about love. The knight who walks in his steel armour to the accompaniment of clarinet, played by my uncle Leszek Perek – who for many years, played in The Song and Dance Folk Ensemble '¦l±sk'. The accompaniment to rice recipe is played on kitchen pans by Piotr Kolecki, from a mysterious group Pathman, and the whole recording cooperation was carried out by mail.
There is some elektro/mik/s because my brother Wojt3k is here as well. There is also lots of acoustics, because I am there. And of course, there are children. The album wouldn’t be mine and about me, if my pupils were not there. I have been working with children for 10 years, trying to discover what secret they keep inside. Why, with less knowledge and experience, they see, hear and feel more than we adults do. I hope that I will never actually find out, and it will allow me to tap into this wonderful, infinite source, which are children. Sometimes I think of myself as a vampire drinking young blood to refresh my thinking. But in reality, this relationship is more like a symbiosis.
I teach to play the guitar and piano, though apart from the craftsmanship and techniques, I am more interested in what my pupils want to say through the language of music. I try to make them more sensitive and open to what sleeps dormant inside them. The fruit of this work, is a record released in 2000 called
‘!.’ with tracks written and composed by the children.
Last year, we were invited to the III National Children’s Expression Festival and we produced a concert–play called ‘On the other side of the sea’, which was a result of controlled improvisation and effect of only two 2-hour meetings. We played on... rubbish. This is a style called ‘recycled music’. I liked the idea of playing on newspapers and glasses and of choir singing so much that I have decided to use them as a background for my songs. In our experiments we went even further and so the song called ‘SPADNIESZ!’ (‘YOU WILL FALL!’), which talks about a difficult role of being a parent, about the fact that we are not honest and about other things – is played by a guitar octet. Everything thanks to the children’s courage and the kindness and trust I have been given by their parents.

Because the lyrics are very important to me and are always the point of reference for the music, I would like them to be understood as well as possible. I asked my friend Marta Turel to translate them into English, so that not only in Poland, but also around the world, it all worked well. The task was not easy as the lyrics are full of word-play, neologism, rhythms and my favourite rhymes, which, although I don’t really want them to, they come out on their own. On the window. On the balcony. On the wall. Marta searched and searched and so instead of MORWY W KUBEŁ! we have - Shut your dirty door! The rice recipe also changes. Different vegetables rhyme in English! I was re-discovering my own words. It was a very interesting experience.

There is also one sad song, although it doesn’t seem such at all. I wrote it while travelling on train from Katowice to Poznań to one of my concerts and then, I also performed it there. In the compartment sitting opposite me, was a girl with her mum. From their conversation and from my own observations, I realised that the girl was seriously ill. She had a cancer. She was sitting there very pale and tired and she was wearing a T-shirt which said 'kiss me quick'. And so it became the title of the song about the fact that I can soon dis is is appear.

This album is a collection of stories about uneasiness, chaos and search, which are always followed by peace, order and discovery. I try to remember this not only when for the hundredth time I dig through my handbag to find the ringing mobile phone. And now I have it all! But where?

Asia Bronisławska, Asi Mina, March 2006

(translated by Marta Turel)

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